Since the creation of the HYDRO-GAS company, we are committed to increase the satisfaction of our customers and also all our stakeholders in a spirit of continuous improvement of our services quality.

Today our vision is directed more deeply into the principles of sustainable development focused on economic growth, social equity, protection of the health and safety of our employees and environmental protection, while respecting the contractual & regulatory requirements applicable.

HSE 'Health, Safety and Environment

Taking into account the development recorded globally in the area of ​​industry and concern to meet the requirements of its customers and partners, HYDRO-GAS considered among strategic directions an organization that integrates health, safety and the environment.

Practically, HYDRO-GAS has implemented a plan "HSE" which aims to define guidelines to follow, hygiene, health, safety and environment in order to respect the laws and maintaining the safety of personnel and material resources committed. The development of this plan is a preparatory step to the establishment of a hygiene management system, safety and environment.

HYDRO-GAS is committed to meeting the challenge of the approach "HSE" whose success depends on the competence of its personnel and the ability of its partners and subcontractors to integrate the HSE culture.

The state of health of employees monitored through regular medical visits, hygiene workers work areas, the safety of personnel exposed to high-risk activities and respect and the integration of environmental components are so many factors that HYDRO-GAS attaches primary importance under its "HSE" commitment.